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Does this program meet the requirements for licensure in my state? 

Western Washington University works to confirm if programs meet the educational prerequisites for professional licensure or certification outside the state of Washington. Other licensure requirements may include state-specific examinations and coursework, background checks, years of work experience, fingerprinting requirement, etc. 

Educator licensure is governed at the state level. Candidates who complete Western Washington University’s state-approved preparation programs for teachers and administrators will be recommended to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for licensure. Information regarding reciprocity and what states will accept Washington’s certificates can be found online:

Educators should be aware that each state has specific requirements that they may be required to complete for full licensure. Most often, this is specific testing. Since WWU’s programs are state-approved, the state they are moving to will usually give the candidate 1-3 years to meet any outstanding requirements required by the new state.

Students pursuing professional licensure outside the state of Washington are strongly encouraged to check the state's or territory's information below and contact the appropriate licensing agency to seek information and additional guidance before beginning a program outside of their state. Licensing board and contact information is provided for each state here

Potential changes in requirements: 

Students who plan to pursue licensure outside of Washington state should be aware that state licensure requirements are subject to changes.  While a program may originally meet the educational requirements for licensure, changes in requirements could impact the program's ability to meet any new educational requirements.  Students should always check with the specific state licensure board to confirm licensure requirements.

Important note for relocating during the course of a program:

Prospective and current students should keep in mind that licensing and authorization requirements vary by state and that relocating during the course of a program to another state could impact whether that student can continue in the course, meet the eligibility requirements of that state, and/or receive financial aid funding.  If students are considering relocating, they should contact their degree program to check for authorization and licensure eligibility requirements. 

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