Center for Education, Equity and Diversity

About Us

The Center for Education, Equity and Diversity (CEED) –formally known as the Center for Educational Pluralism– serves as a resource center for students, staff, faculty, and community members interested in topics of educational equity, critical multicultural education, and Tribal sovereignty with an emphasis on social justice and critical conscious cultivation. CEED hosts a welcoming and critical community space, provides justice oriented professional development, operates a multicultural resource library, created and maintains the CEED Gifts of Gratitude Food Pantry, and cultivates critical consciousness and organizational change.

For over three decades, CEED has held loving and academically supportive space for BIPOC, QTPOC, and students “making waves.” It is the physical home for students in the Education and Social Justice minor (ESJ) and has hosted many student clubs over the years including NASU, MEChA, Blue Group, and BWERH (Beading, Weaving, Eating, Reading, and Healing) among others. Similar to other university BIPOC and QTPOC havens, CEED was founded in response to structural inequities in teacher education. Supported over the years through WWU student activism, CEED has remained a beloved student-centered space grounded in student well-being, social justice, and critical engagement.

To support the Woodring College of Education in its commitment to an education that promotes cultural understanding and social justice in a pluralistic, democratic society. CEED focuses on issues related to equity, diversity, self-exploration and identity, inter-group relations, multicultural education and democratic empowerment and civic engagement; particularly focusing on issues of retention and success for historically underrepresented populations. The mission and goals of the Center are based on the belief that all children and adults can learn and develop in a psychologically supportive and culturally affirming environment. The Center is committed to an intercultural dialogue that will lead to a vision of the kind of sustainable community we want to create with the next generation.


CEED's resources address issues of race, equity, and diversity and include:

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction books
  • Lesson Plans/Curricula
  • Articles
  • Children's Books
  • Special Education materials
  • Activity Books
  • Videos
  • Computers
  • Smart Boards
  • Interactive whiteboards

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Special Events & Discussions

  • Throughout the year, CEED sponsors events including presentations, interactive discussions, films and student discussions on issues related to education and the April Forum on Educational Law & Social Justice.


Office Information


Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.