Education Leadership


At Western Washington University we pride ourselves in welcoming participants who come to us as students, are treated as colleagues, and graduate as life-long friends. Since 1944, the Educational Leadership programs have developed strong educational leaders in a program taught by practicing educational experts who provide:

  • Curriculum aligned to the Professional Educational Leaders Standards
  • Practical, relevant, research-based coursework
  • School-based assignments
  • Strong student support

The Education Leadership program offers the following programs

  • Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Administration
  • Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Administration with Residency Principal Certification
  • Residency Administrator (Principal) Certification
  • Superintendent Certification
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership

WWU’s administrator (principal) & superintendent certification programs are organized around the National Educational Leadership Program (NELP) standards, which have been adopted as the certification standards by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) and the Washington Council of Education Administration Programs (WCEAP). 

The Education Leadership programs are currently being offered remotely with opportunities for face-to-face class meetings in Bellingham, Everett, and Distance Learning which offers distinct cohorts for the greater Puget Sound area & British Columbia.  

  • MEd and Principal Certification students take at least 2 courses per week offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. 
  • Superintendent Certification and Doctor of Education candidates meet once a month during the academic year.  Most seminars begin Friday afternoon and conclude Saturday afternoon. 
  • Both the MEd and MEd plus Administrator Certificate admit each quarter.
  • Superintendent Administrator Certificate admits Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters
  • EdD admits summer quarter.

Contact Us

Program Director

Tim Bruce, PhD 360-650-3090

Principal Certification Adviser

Warren Aller, 360-223-8502

Superintendent Certification & Doctorate of Education Adviser

Wayne Robertson, EdD, 425-238-5358.

Program Manager

Carola McGowan, 360-650-3714