Field Experiences

Internship Approval Required

Western Washington University recognizes the key role that local school districts play in the mentorship, leadership, development, and ultimately in sponsoring the internship of aspiring administrators. Administrative Certification candidates are to discuss leadership goals and administrative career aspirations with the mentoring administrator before, or commensurate with, application to the certification program. Candidates shall initiate the internship application and approval process within their districts upon acceptance into the certification program, or as deemed appropriate by the local district.

Principal Candidates 

Western Washington University's Residency Administrator (Principal) Certificate program is based on the 2007 State Standard Five. All candidates for the Washington State Residency Principal's Certificate must spend 540 hours in a full school-year field experience, of which at least one half shall be when students and staff are present. The intern shall be under the supervision of a mentoring principal or vice principal certificated at the appropriate level with a minimum three years of experience in the role.

Superintendent Candidates 

All candidates for the Washington State Initial Superintendent's Certificate must undertake a six-quarter, 540-hour field experience, to include beginning and end of school-year activities, under the direction and mentorship of a certificated superintendent. The primary standards and benchmarks that drive the program are the Washington Advisory Council for Professional Administrator Standards (WACPAS) and performance indicators. Essentially, these are the ISLLC Standards with two added to specifically address the superintendency. Standards are aligned with the 2007 State Standard V: Knowledge and Skills (Superintendent).