2022-23 Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Summer Quarter 2022:  June 21st – June 21st – July 29th
  • Fall Quarter 2022:  September 21st – December 9th
  • Winter Quarter 2023:  January 3rd – March 17th
  • Spring Quarter 2023:  March 28th – June 9th
  • Summer Quarter 2023:  June 20th – July 28th

Register online! 

All matriculated students register for classes online at Web4U

Registration checklist:

  1. Browse ClassFinder
  2. Register for classes through MyWestern on Web4U
  3. Pay your tuition on Web4U

Registration holds

If you have a hold and you are unable to register, please contact the department who has placed the hold with the phone number that is listed.  These obligations can include outstanding debts, failure to comply with immunization policies, failure to comply with certain admission requirements or academic regulations, insufficient progress, and violations of conduct codes or other University rules.

Measles Immunity Requirement

If you are new to Western and born after December 31, 1956, you must meet the measles immunity requirement in order to register for your first quarter. You will also be required to submit your COVID immunization record, even if you are strictly an online student.  The Student Health Center will block your registration until they receive the required documentation.

Taking a Quarter Off?

If you plan to take a quarter off, please notify your faculty advisor, register and pay for EDAD 699 Continuous Enrollment.  Failure to do so may result in having to reapply to the Graduate School.

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