Adult and Higher Education

Master of Education in Adult and Higher Education

Graphic showing that AHE engages students in progressive leadership, academic literacies, identity reflection, and inquiry-based learning

Linking Theory to Practice, Policies, Research and Evaluation!

Our internationally renowned program is rigorous, satisfying, and valuable for professional development. And it is flexible to fit the lives and aspirations of adults. In our program we engage you in the big picture of adult and higher education--we link learning theories not only to real-life practice and situations but also to policies, research and evaluation.  Our approach begins with our student community.

We will engage you in:

  • Inquiry-based learning (i.e., action research) for the new workplace emphasizing team-based projects and problem-solving

  • Shared leadership to understand organizational development and power with social justice aims

  • Thematic based coursework that focuses on timely topics and issues in adult and higher education and learning

  • Developing educational ‘capital’ that includes academic literacy, critical literacy, digital literacy, and information literacy

  • Self-knowledge and cultural competence to deal with increasing diversity, internationalization and globalization

Advance Your Academic and Professional Career!

Students in our program work (or aim to work) in a variety of professions and settings including:

  • community colleges and universities

  • public safety and health care organizations

  • corporations and industry

  • non-profits and non-governmental organizations

  • community and human service settings

Blended Learning Course Delivery Combines Online and Face-to-Face Classes

The AHE program courses are NOT available as total distance education delivery. Each course is conveniently offered in a blended learning format using a combination of 3 to 5 mandatory face-to-face sessions (held on Bellingham, WA campus) with the remainder of the 10-week course taught online. The face-to-face campus-based sessions are scheduled various weeknights starting at 6pm, allowing you to learn and develop in a flexible way that supports your learning needs. Find out more about our program using the navigation bar on the left.

We Serve Washington Residents From King County to Whatcom County

Our students and alumni come from the Sea-Tac vicinity to north of Bellingham, which supports a diverse student population.

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