Orientation and Student Handbook


The Orientation sessions are mandatory for new students and occur in two sessions; an online Zoom session the day before Fall or Spring quarters begin (usually from 3-5pm) and then a one hour face to face session held on the first Saturday of the quarter (usually from 10:30-11:30am).  The online Orientation session is an opportunity to ask faculty questions about the program, do a practice session on Degree Works to create your Plan of Study and learn about some Campus Services.  The face to face Saturday Orientation session will include an icebreaker to meet other new students, an overview/philosophy of the AHE Program and will end with Q & A.  Before the sessions, new students should review the webpages for Degree Works for Students (especially the Guides for Students "Understanding the Worksheet" and "Plans") and do an overview of the current AHE Student Handbook which includes the Department Essential Functions (see link below).

As the start date of the quarter approaches, new students will receive a New Student Welcome/Advising email from AHE faculty and staff confirming the day/time for the Orientation sessions, some advising about registration, as well as other information.  As the day of the Orientation sessions approach, students will receive other emails with the Zoom link, agenda with other attached materials, as well as information about parking (for the Saturday face to face session).   

Student Handbook and Essential Functions

The Student Handbook is a great resource for all students as they progress through the program. Be sure to review the link below. 

All students must comply with the Department's Essential Functions (included at the end of the Student Handbook).  Be sure you read this as part of participating in the program and as a student within the Department of Health and Community Studies. 

Introduction to Campus Support Services