Special Education Majors


Below you will read many “We Believe and You Can” statements. Faculty do believe that with the necessary skills we all can transform lives in the community, across agencies, and in general and special education.

We know that you can:

  • Build an inclusive society
  • Help others succeed
  • Make a difference in a child’s life
  • Change the world into a better place
  • Develop effective skills for working with persons with disabilities and children at-risk
  • Teach students ages 3 – 21 in special education and/or general education
  • Be a professional in agencies or community organizations that promote social justice

If you believe, like we do, and want to make a difference, we invite you to apply to our programs. We are excited to meet you.

Dr. Charles Lambert, Chair of Special Education and Education Leadership

Dr. Charles Lambert, Chair
Professor, Special Education and Education Leadership

Introduction to Special Education: We believe that all people can live, learn, play, and work together in inclusive communities.

The Special Education and Education Leadership Department offers exemplary faculty, small class sizes, and extensive field experiences. Candidates complete their program as thoughtful, knowledgeable, and effective professionals. The Special Education programs are currently ranked by professional organizations in the top ten in the nation and graduates are some of the most well-respected and sought-after teachers in the State of Washington.

Special Education banner - You Can!