Early Childhood Special Education and Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement) BAE

If you want to be an early childhood classroom teacher (pre-school through 3rd grade) and/or an early childhood special education teacher (pre-school through 3rd grade), this program is for you.

At the end of your program, you will be qualified to apply for two endorsements, one in early childhood special education and one in early childhood education. These endorsements prepare you to be an early childhood general education teacher (e.g., P – 3 in community or school based early childhood settings or in primary grades in public school) with the skills to meet the needs of all your students, including those at-risk for school failure and those with disabilities. Furthermore, you will be prepared to be an early childhood special education teacher with expert knowledge of the general classroom operations and communications.

The catalog will give you more information about the program and the requirements.

Program Information and Requirements from Catalog

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