Faculty & Staff

Charles Lambert, Ph.D.

Chair Special Education and Education Leadership, Professor

Jeffery Hart, Ph.D.

Director Exceptionality and Disability, Assistant Professor

Aaron Perzigian, Ph.D.

Director of Dual Ensorsement Programs and Inclusive Education Teacher Scholars, Professor

LeAnne Robinson, Ph.D.

Director Teacher Education Outreach Programs, Professor

Anne Crampton, Ph.D.

Academic Program Director

she, her


(360) 650-2725, (612) 281-0627 | Everett/Bremerton/Remote

Susan Cahill, M.Ed.

Academic Services Manager

Heather Cochran , M.Ed.

Senior Instructor

Summer Mitchell

Program Coordinator

she, her, hers


(360) 650-6630 | MH 201A