To gain a Teaching Certificate all teacher candidates must complete a teacher preparation program. Woodring offers programs for Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education areas. An endorsement is the subject area and grade level you are qualified to teach. Elementary Education is an endorsement. Endorsements are listed on your teaching certificate. All certificates have at least one endorsement.

Students completing a Secondary Education program will complete the majority of courses in their endorsement (subject) area before starting their teacher preparation program. For the CS BAE, students are allowed to apply after they've accomplished a C- or above in CSCI 141 and CSCI 145.

For information about teacher preparation programs and pathways please contact Woodring College Advising.

Bellingham Programs, Secondary Education- Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate program and Master in Teaching Program

Contact the appropriate academic major/endorsement advisor to work toward completing subject area endorsement requirements - contact information is listed within the endorsement information below. For Post-Baccalaureate or MIT interested students, be prepared to provide unofficial transcripts, course descriptions if not a WWU graduate, and your contact information.

Everett program, Master in Teaching Program

Provide unofficial transcripts, course descriptions relevant to your endorsement required courses, and your contact information to the appropriate endorsement advisor listed below. Contact the Everett MIT Program Coordinator Bobbie Rogers at Bobbie.Rogers@wwu.edu for assistance.


Additional Endorsements

(May only be completed if you are seeking one of the above endorsements or are already a certified teacher.)

* starred endorsements may be added through testing after certification - coursework not required