Teacher candidates complete a professional education program through the Woodring College of Education and an endorsement program offered by academic departments across the University. Together, these programs lead to a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate endorsed in at least one subject.

  • An endorsement designates the subject and grade level in which a teacher is prepared to teach.
  • Candidates must complete at least one qualifying endorsement program. Secondary Education undergraduates choose an academic major leading to a qualifying endorsement.
  • Additional endorsements may be earned while obtaining a qualifying endorsement.
  • Currently certified teachers may earn additional endorsements to their license.

Request an Endorsement Evaluation for a Secondary or P-12 Level Content Endorsement

  1. Review the endorsement curriculum found above. 
  2. Locate non-WWU course descriptions for potential course substitutions.

Bellingham Programs

Submit unofficial transcripts, any course descriptions, and your contact information to the appropriate Academic Major / Endorsement Advisor.

Everett Secondary Education MIT Program

Submit unofficial transcripts, any course descriptions, and your contact information to Dr. Christine Schaefer at Chris.Schaefer@wwu.edu.


Designated World Languages

Additional Endorsements

(May only be completed if you are seeking one of the above endorsements or are already a certified teacher.)