WWU Teacher Education, a University-wide Enterprise

Teacher candidates complete a professional education program through the Woodring College of Education and an endorsement program offered by academic departments across the University. Together, these programs lead to a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate endorsed in at least one subject area.

  • An endorsement designates the subject area in which the teacher is prepared and authorized to teach. The associated grade and age designation is not reflected on the teaching certificate.
  • Teacher candidates must complete at least one qualifying program and are encouraged to earn multiple endorsements.
  • Some qualifying programs lead to multiple endorsements.
  • Programs are delivered on the Bellingham main campus except where otherwise noted.
  • Teachers may earn an add-on endorsement through any of the WWU programs (Pathway 3), and through Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 assessments.
  • Qualifying and additional endorsement programs designed to meet the state endorsement competencies are provided below.

2013-2014 WWU Endorsement Programs

Qualifying Additional
Add-On Endorsements
For Teachers Only


* Note: Beginning September 1, 2016, WWU teacher candidates earning a qualifying endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education or Special Education endorsement are required by Washington State to earn another endorsement in an area other than Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education, Bilingual Education, or English Language Learner.

Classroom Assignment Policy and HQT

Teachers must meet both the state Classroom Assignment Policy and the federal Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) requirements.

The state Endorsement Related Assignment Table identifies content assignments that can be made beyond the endorsement based on the relationship between the endorsement and the content assignment. However, the federal HQT requirement must also be met.

Candidates intending to teach in the following classroom situations should determine how they can meet both the state assignment policy and the federal HQT requirement for teaching core academic subjects:

  • Elementary teacher candidates wishing to teach core academic subjects in departmentalized grade 6, and grades 7-8
  • Secondary teacher candidates wishing to teach in a middle level block program that includes a core academic subject in which their teaching certificate will not be endorsed
  • Special Education teacher candidates wishing to teach core academic subjects in a non-consultative role
  • All teacher candidates earning endorsements to teach in Bilingual and/or English Language Learner classrooms

Link to the following Western Washington University resources for guidance:

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