Residency Teacher Certificate

The “Residency Certificate (First Issue)” is the name of the teaching certificate you will earn in your WWU teacher preparation program. It will be issued to you by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instructions (OSPI) when all requirements have been verified as complete. This is the license that allows you to teach in the state of Washington.

Your teaching certificate will list one or more endorsements indicating the grade level and subject you are authorized to teach, such as Elementary Education, Special Education, Chemistry, Visual Arts, etc. You may find a list of the requirements for each endorsement on the WCE endorsement page

If you want to become a teacher, visit our teacher education admissions page.

Application Process

Bellingham campus students submit the Teacher Certification Requirements Report  to the Woodring College of Education Certification Office approximately four months prior to start of the first full-time student teaching internship, in accordance with the following schedule.

Bellingham campus and Teacher Education Outreach Program (TEOP) students apply for their Residency certificate and pay a $74 certification fee through the OSPI E-Certification system, following completion of all requirements and recommendation by the WCE Certification Office. 

Full-time Student Teaching Start Quarter Requirements Report Due Date
Fall May 15
Winter August 15
Spring December 15
Summer March 15