Future Woodring Scholars

About the Future Woodring Scholars Program:

Future Woodring Scholars is a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) through Western's Woodring College of Education. Throughout the Future Woodring Scholars (FWS) Program, students are able to explore teacher education and human services programs and professions early in their Western experience while gaining a network of academic and social support from Woodring students, faculty, and staff.

How are Future Woodring Scholars selected?

Future Woodring Scholars are selected from Western applicants who have demonstrated academic success, an interest in becoming a teacher or human services professional, a strong background in multiculturalism or an expressed interest in working with diverse student populations, formal or informal experience working with youth, and a desire to be in a leadership profession. The selection process for this program is competitive. This year, the FIG will be divided into two cohorts (groups) due to the number of scholars selected to participate. Each cohort will have about 20 students each.

What do we do in the program?

Future Woodring Scholars agree to take 4 courses Fall quarter that will begin preparing them to work with communities and families in a range of education and human services settings. The four courses that all FWS will take Fall quarter are taught by the most sought-after faculty on campus AND meet university general education requirements. (Woohoo!)

Scholars are encouraged to take continuing courses in the program-- one each quarter-- in the Winter and Spring as well. Students will be guaranteed a seat in all of the program courses they choose to take.

Scholars also receive faculty and peer mentoring, invitations to special college events and speakers, program admission guidance and information, and priority admission review to

Do Future Woodring Scholars receive scholarship money?

Yes, students selected for the FWS program are awarded a one-time scholarship of $500 for their demonstrated commitment to teacher education/human services exploration.  Students are also encouraged to apply for continuing student scholarships through Woodring College and Western Scholarship Center once they begin their studies as full-time Western students.

Are Future Woodring Scholars required to take their FIG classes?

Although scholars are highly encouraged to participate in the FIG course(s) each quarter, students can opt-out of the FIG if they would rather take other classes after speaking with the program coordinator to ensure if it is in the best interest of the student. Students will be able to drop these courses during registration if needed. Woodring College will still invite Future Woodring Scholars to participate in mentoring and special events throughout the year.