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We will be back to working in person for Fall Quarter 2021!

Our office is located on the first floor of Miller Hall, in MH 150. Find floor plans and parking information here

Daisy Padilla-Torres

Daisy Padilla-Torres

Hola! My name is Daisy Padilla Torres (she/ella) and I am the Senior Consultant for the Diversity Recruitment and Retention Office at Woodring College of Education. 
I earned my Bachelor's in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language and Master's in Adult Higher Education from Western Washington University. My graduate program emphasized building equity and justice to enhance the success of students of color. It highlighted the Latinx education experience, English Language Learners, Standardized Testing, and program development strategies for K-12 and Higher Education. 
I am a first-generation, bilingual, bicultural Latina who grew up with farm-working parents that ingrained hard work, commitment, family, and love into my upbringing. My family lacked many of the resources and opportunities afforded to those with more privileged backgrounds, but that did not stop them from meeting their goals. 
These experiences influenced me to pursue higher education and motivate me to be an advocate for diverse communities. 

profile photo of Liz Kelly

Liz Kelly, 20'

Liz graduated from Western Washington University in 2019 with a degree in Human Services and a minor in Education and Social Justice. After graduation, she worked at the health center until moving to the position of program assistant. Her academic interests include multicultural education, social justice issues, and K-12 and higher education. She is currently pursuing a master’s in social work degree. 

Mia Martinez

Mia Martinez

Hi y’all! My name is Mia Martinez (she/her) and I am the Program Coordinator for Diversity Recruitment and Retention within the Woodring College of Education. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Arizona State University in 2020. I am currently working to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration from Ottawa University. 

During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I worked predominately with residential students with the goal of fostering inclusive, diverse communities. My additional interests include social justice issues and student leadership.

I am very excited to be a part of the WWU community and to serve as a resource for students!