Our History

In March 2010, the Teacher Education Recruitment and Retention Task Force completed a comprehensive report that depicts needs, rationales, and recommendations for recruitment and retention focusing on students of color, men, and culturally and linguistically diverse students. The Diversity Recruitment and Retention Specialist position was developed to assist Woodring to meet its vision and goals of recruiting and retaining underrepresented students for WCE teacher education programs in proportion to the demographic characteristics of the P-12 population in the region (Diversity R&R Task Force Report 2010). In fall 2012, the DRR Specialist identified key recommendations and principles of the Diversity R&R Task Force Report. Through this position, Woodring has focused and is more intentional in its recruitment and retention efforts for students of color, men, and culturally and culturally linguistically diverse students. The office has built culturally relevant and responsive student engagement activities, peer mentoring programs, and enact comprehensive college access practices.

Currently, in 2021 the Diversity Recruitment and Retention Office is continuing to build on the work initiated by the 2010 report through expanding their pathway and mentoring programs, scholarship resources, college access, recruitment, and retention practices.