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Washington State Required Content Tests: WEST-E, NES, ACTFL

NES/West-E: Content testing is a Washington State certification requirement. You must pass a West-E and/or NES test for each endorsement you earn. Which test you take (NES or West-E) depends on your endorsement - some require a West-E and some require an NES test. Both tests are available through the test vendor Pearson - the web site is

ACTFL: Candidates seeking a foreign language or bilingual endorsement must also take the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) oral and written proficiency tests offered by Language Testing International (see below).

Content Knowledge Test List

Access Test Preparation Materials

Please contact the Woodring Certification Office for questions about testing:, 360-650-3388.

Additional Testing Rules

By law (WAC 181-78A-232), you must attempt at least one* endorsement content test before you begin your full-time student teaching internship. If official scores are not available to us prior to the start of the full-time internship, candidates must provide evidence of attempting a content test in the form of an unofficial score report to

*For Elementary Education, this requirement includes both NES subtests. 

Test Registration 

Please see for WEST-E and NES and registration information. When registering you must designate WWU as a score recipient for each test. Please review "Make Sure Your Test Scores Get to Western".

Test Accommodations

Select "Yes, I plan to request alternative testing arrangements." when registering for a test if :

  • You receive accommodations through the Disability Access Center (DAC), and would like to receive accommodations for the NES/West-E test. Please register early and contact the DAC well before you need to test.
  • English is not  your primary language and you would like extra time to complete the test. Visit for more information. Please contact or 360.650.3388 if you want to request this.

Test Preparation Suggestions

  • Access the Mometrix test preparation eLibrary by self enrolling in this canvas course:
  • The test vendor website has in-depth descriptions of test content and some free test preparation materials - click on the "Prepare" tab. There are also study guides and practice tests available for a fee. 
  • The WWU library on main campus has Study Guide books for Elementary Education and other tests. 
  • has extensive study materials and practice tests. A credit card is required, but it won't be charged if you cancel within 30 days.
  • Booksellers (like Amazon) have study guides for most tests. Consider sharing the cost with other members of your cohort. 

West-E/NES Test Vouchers

WEST-E/NES Test Voucher - A limited number of test fee vouchers are available through Woodring College of Education to cover the cost of a WEST-E or NES test. Vouchers are awarded on a first come first serve basis to those with financial need. Financial need is calculated based on information from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA). To be eligible you must have filed a FAFSA or WASFA (if ineligible to submit a FAFSA) for the academic year in which you are requesting a voucher. Note:

  • Voucher applicants must be enrolled in or applying to a WCE teacher education or endorsement program.
  • Vouchers are not available to test for endorsements that you will add through test only.
  • Only one voucher will be awarded per eligible student per academic year.
  • New vouchers are available in September of each year.
  • No vouchers are available for ACTFL tests.

American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Test Resources

Bilingual Endorsement: Candidates must take the Bilingual Education WEST-E test and pass the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview and ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test at the Advanced Mid-Level or higher.

French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish Endorsements: Candidates must take the World Languages WEST-E test and pass the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview and ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test at the Advanced Low-level or higher.

Registration: Schedule to take the ACTFL at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your full-time internship quarter. Visit Language Testing International to register for the test. See ACTFL Registration Instructions.

ACTFL Test Preparation and Content Remediation: Access test preparation materials through the Test Vendor's website after you create your account.