Student Testimonials






I am settling into my new program at WSU and I wanted to share with you how the experience has been, to date.  I am happy to report that things are going quite well. I was able to use AHE 501 & AHE 571 in place of pre-requisite courses for our research sequence.  We take a sequence of four research courses and it would have put me behind or forced me to add an extra course to my load if the pre-requisite had not been met with my AHE research courses. While I was initially concerned I might miss something that I would need from this pre-req, I was happy to discover that AHE had more than prepared me for the rigors of my first research course: Epistemology, Inquiry, and Representation. I was unsure how truly prepared I was for a PhD program, and while the coursework is demanding, I feel that I was well prepared to begin this academic endeavor.

I know that not all of my PhD cohort feels this way, nor were they exposed to many of the topics we are currently tackling. I feel fortunate that during my time in AHE I was able to obtain such a breadth of coverage concerning higher education and research. I know that I have just begun, but I felt it was important to share how well AHE prepared me for this inaugural semester of my PhD.

Jo Ann Arinder

an AHE Alumni (2018) who went on to complete a PhD program