Dean Kevin Roxas Receives G. Pritchy Smith Educator of the Year Award

Submitted by leee31 on Wed, 11/22/2023 - 00:11
A plaque titled "National Association for Multicultural Education: 2023 G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year Award - Kevin Roxas" presented by NAME

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dean Kevin Roxas, who has been honored with the prestigious G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year Award by the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). This distinguished award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to multicultural education, educational equity, and social justice.

The award will be formally presented at this year's NAME conference in Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday, November 18th. This recognition is a testament to Dean Roxas's exceptional contributions to the field of multicultural education, reflecting his dedication to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and justice within the educational sphere.

Established in 1990, the National Association for Multicultural Education has emerged as a leading national and international organization devoted to addressing issues of equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice in schooling. NAME's Awards, such as the G. Pritchy Smith Educator of the Year Award, play a pivotal role in acknowledging and celebrating the impactful work carried out by educators, activists, and institutions in promoting multicultural education.

The G. Pritchy Smith Educator of the Year Award is a distinguished accolade bestowed upon individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from PreK through 12th grade classroom teachers to higher education instructors, community activists, and even students dedicated to educating others. To be eligible for this esteemed honor, nominees must exhibit evidence of a long-term scholarly commitment to teaching from a multicultural perspective. This commitment should be evident through the inclusion of multiple facets of diversity, such as race, ethnicity, social class, gender, language, sexual orientation, exceptionality, and belief systems, in the nominee's work.

Dean Roxas exemplifies the ideals and practices of multicultural education by showcasing teaching excellence, community service, and active participation in local, regional, and national organizations. His ability to seamlessly blend theory and practice has contributed to the development of awareness, acceptance, and affirmation of diversity within educational settings.  His research and published scholarship has significantly impacted the field of education especially in regards to his work with immigrant and refugee youth, members of their families and caregivers, and how educators can better respond and be supportive of their needs in schools and local communities.

As a multifaceted educator, Dean Roxas will further share his expertise by leading a workshop at the upcoming NAME conference. The workshop, titled "Writing For Publication," promises to be an enlightening session, providing valuable insights into the world of academic publishing and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on multicultural education.

We encourage everyone attending the conference to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from Dean Kevin Roxas's wealth of knowledge and experience. Moreover, we invite all individuals passionate about promoting equity and social justice in education to explore ways to get involved with NAME, supporting the organization's mission to ensure that everyone has access to a truly multicultural education.

Once again, congratulations to Dean Kevin Roxas on this well-deserved recognition as the G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year. His dedication serves as an inspiration to educators and advocates alike, reaffirming the importance of cultivating inclusive learning environments for all.


Kevin Roxas receiving the 2023 G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year Award shaking hands with G. Pritchy Smith