Educational Institute for Democratic Renewal


The mission of the Institute is to promote dialogue and practices that create the kind of education required to sustain a vital democracy. We do this through the publication of an international journal, the Journal of Educational Controversy, an interactive blog, a videotape series of interviews with authors that is web streamed into our journal, forums and seminars, and the construction of experimental and innovative practices with our partner schools. Our goal is to provide an alternative voice for research and scholarship on the educational controversies and initiatives that arise in teaching and learning in pluralistic, democratic societies.

Journal of Educational Controversy

The Journal of Educational Controversy is an interdisciplinary electronic journal of ideas and the main vehicle for discussing and disseminating new ideas. The purpose of this peer reviewed journal is to provide a national and international forum for examining the dilemmas and controversies that arise in teaching and learning in a pluralistic, democratic society. Because many of the tensions in public school and university policies and practices are deeply rooted in the tensions inherent in the philosophy of a liberal democratic state, many of the value conflicts in public schools and universities can only be understood within the context of this larger public philosophy. In effect, the conflicting assumptions underlying our public philosophy frame our questions, define our problems and construct the solutions that shape our practices, policies, and research agendas. This journal will try to help clarify that public debate and deepen an understanding of its moral significance.

Talking with the Authors Video Series

Here you will find a link to the Talking with the Authors Video Series that features interviews with authors whose work is published in the journal. The program provides a more personalized look at the authors as well as a broader perspective within which to read and understand their articles.

YouTube Previews

See previews of our Talking with the Authors video series on YouTube.

Journal of Educational Controversy Blog

See our blog to join in a conversation with our authors and other readers on articles that have appeared in the journal.

 - Dr. Lorraine Kasprisin