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Degrees, Certificates and Endorsements

Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate Elementary Education Certification Program

Classroom teachers with an elementary education endorsement may be assigned to teach any subject in grades K-8. Per ESSA, districts are no longer required to identify and document Highly Qualified Teachers. Moving forward, the state of Washington will continue to monitor teacher qualifications and collect data about certification, endorsements, teaching assignments, and years of experience. Districts may still maintain previous requirements that impact eligibility for certain middle school teaching assignments in a core academic subject(s).  Candidates are responsible for consulting with an advisor for further information on what endorsement will best fit their teaching career goals.

Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Education: Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies (LLC) major responds to the growing diversity in the state’s schools and supports the Woodring College of Education’s efforts to embrace diversity and promote social justice. The major focuses on research-based and experience-validated knowledge to help elementary school teachers reach all students. This includes increasing teacher candidates’ cultural competency and capacity to teach English language learners. Those who successfully complete the program will receive WWU’s recommendation for a Residency Teaching Certificate with endorsements in Elementary Education, Reading, and English Language Learners (ELL); and/or Bilingual Education (BE) after passing the state-required test in each area. Students who complete this major will also receive TESOL P-12 Focus or Bilingual Education Minor.

Early Childhood Education Undergraduate Program

The program in early childhood education consists of an academic major in Early Childhood Education and a sequence of professional certification courses that can lead to teacher licensure pre-kindergarten-third grade.  A non-certification option is also available. Upon completion of the program, candidates can work in childcare centers, preschools, Head Start programs, and, if they receive the P-3 teacher endorsement, in the primary grades in public schools.  The course work offers a combination of theory, methods, and field experiences in a variety of early childhood education settings.

Reading Endorsement for P-12 Teachers

Note: The Reading endorsement program is only for those who are already P-12 teachers or in a P-12 teacher education program. This program, combined with a performance-based assessment of competencies, leads to an additional endorsement in Reading when accompanied by a professional education program and a qualifying endorsement in another content area.

English Language Learner/Bilingual Endorsement Program

Note: The ELL endorsement is only for those who are already P-12 teachers or in a P-12 teacher education program. If you are interested in teaching or working with language learners in a non P-12 school, you may be interested in the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certificate (see TESOL Certificate handout or consult http://www.wwu.edu/tesol).

Those earning an ELL and/or Bilingual Education endorsement may choose to complete either the 27-credit TESOL P-12 Focus minor (ELL) or the 33-credit Bilingual Education minor, but not both.

M.Ed. - Language and Literacy

This updated master’s degree is designed for educators who want to deepen their knowledge and practice in literacy instruction.  It is ideal for classroom teachers and those who are or want to become reading specialists or literacy coaches.  Graduates will leave with a strong understanding of literacy research and theory and effective teaching of language, reading, and writing.