Woodring Peer Mentors

Woodring's Peer Mentoring Program:

The Woodring Peer Mentors works to support students interested in pursuing Woodring College's fields of study-- primarily the undergraduate and post-bacc fields of Teacher Education and Human Services.   Mentors collaborate with mentees in career/program exploration, resume-building, and in navigating the Woodring application process. The goal of mentors is to foster personal connections through rapport-building and maintaining regular contact with mentees.    

Woodring Peer Mentors




The 2018-19 Peer Mentors: Neco Pacheaco, Levi Collins, Jori Denton, Mason Bernardo, Justin Gabriel, Ella Harris, Nat Reilly- former program coordinator, Esmeralda Hernandez, Casey Tokita, Jaimee Alonso, Elisa Couch, and Joshua Serrano.

Mentors work to do the following:​

  • Answer questions about Woodring and the application process with a student perspective
  • Help mentees explore the teaching and human services professions 
  • Connect mentees with professors, college resources, and volunteer opportunities
  • Provide access to campus resources as needed
  • Communicate information clearly and accurately
  • Invite mentees to fun and informational Woodring events