Inspiring the Next Generation: Miguel Gonzalez Ramirez, a Leader in Diversity and Education

At Western Washington University, Miguel Gonzalez Ramirez has made a tremendous impact as both a graduate student and a leader on campus. Pursuing a Master's in Teaching (MIT) program, Miguel has demonstrated his commitment to education and helping students succeed. He has served as a Peer Mentor in Woodring’s Office of Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention and co-chaired the Latinx Student Union, showing his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusiveness.

Miguel's passion for education and history shines through in everything he does. He graduated with a History degree in Spring 2021 and is on track to graduate from the MIT program in Winter 2023. As a co-founder of the Latinx Men in Higher Education club, he is also dedicated to supporting students from underrepresented communities and helping them achieve their dreams.

Miguel's goal as a teacher is to inspire and support students, particularly those who come from similar backgrounds and struggles. He recognizes the importance of having someone who believes in them and wants to be that person for his students. He also wants to instill a love for history and show how it informs the world we live in today.

Miguel's academic background, with a major in History, minor in Latin American Studies, and minor in Communications, is a testament to his diverse interests and his commitment to providing a well-rounded education to his future students.

We at Woodring College of Education are proud to have Miguel as a member of our community and cannot wait to see the impact he will have as a future teacher. His dedication, passion, and leadership are an inspiration to us all.