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Woodring College of Education Scholarships Overview

With gratitude for our generous donors, Woodring College of Education is proud to offer a range of scholarships possibilities for students.

With many teacher education and health and community studies programs at various locations throughout the region, we serve students at various stages of their higher education experience. We strive to support our students in each step of their academic pursuits.

2023-24 Academic Year Scholarship information:

· 257 scholarships have been awarded for 2023-24 Academic Year.

· The total amount awarded was $782,983.

· We awarded from 82 distinct endowments.

· 296 students applied for a scholarship.

· 205 individual students received scholarships (69% acceptance/award rate).

· Scholarship recipients represent all of our Departments and each of our sites.

· Numerous faculty and staff offered their time to review scholarship applications.

Scholarship Application Process:

What is often referred to as “scholarship season” opens in mid-Winter quarter.

All students are made aware via email, social media, and other announcements when the time is approaching to apply for scholarships.

An online application link can be found on this site during the application acceptance period, anticipated to open February 26th. The closing date for applications is Midnight on March 24! Completing this application will allow students to be considered for any scholarships offered by the Woodring College of Education for which they may be eligible during the 2024-2025 academic year. Applicants will be asked a series of required questions such as:

· Provide a response up to 500 words to the question "How will receiving a scholarship impact you?" We recommend that you prepare your response prior to beginning the application.

· The Woodring program(s) you are currently enrolled in or which you plan to apply to within the upcoming year (majors, minors, endorsement areas, etc).

· Year in school (First-year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student, Post-Bac, etc.).

· Site/location of your academic program (Bellingham, Bremerton, Everett, Distance Learning, etc.).

· And additional information.

There are some specific scholarships that ask for more information based on donor requirements and eligibility, and thus there are optional questions such as:

· Residency status.

· Employment status (part time, full time, number of hours etc.).

· Leadership experience.

· Internship status.

· Engagement in athletics.

· And more.

Application and Eligibility:

It should be noted that many scholarships are not based on GPA or past academic performance. We understand that there may be numerous circumstances that influence a student’s past grades. Similarly, not all scholarships are based on financial need. We encourage you to apply for scholarships as you deem appropriate and to provide information in your required essay of how the financial support will impact you, and inform if there are financial or other considerations we may not be aware of. Additionally, there are some Woodring scholarships available to students prior to their admission into one of our programs. Therefore, we strongly encourage all students to apply for scholarships and respond to all questions in the application that may apply to them.

When completing the application, please be sure to respond to ALL required questions and all others that apply to you from the optional categories in order to maximum the ability to be considered for any scholarships for which you may be eligible. A document is available that shows all questions asked, depending on the responses given. Please review in order to prepare for completing the application. Once ALL required questions have been answered, you may save the application to edit at a later time (This option is only provided at the end of the application).

While this application site will be used for scholarships offered by Woodring College of Education, we encourage you to consult the Financial Aid office for additional scholarships available more broadly through WWU, and to search for scholarship opportunities external to the university. For more information, visit: Financial Aid - Scholarships

Scholarship Selection Process:

There are numerous Scholarship Review Committees representing various departments, programs and initiatives. Committees are generally comprised of between 3 and 6 faculty and staff reviewers. Committees receive the application materials from each applicant who may be eligible for a scholarship for their particular department, program, or initiative. The committees develop a prioritized spreadsheet of applicants for their respective scholarships after careful review of all application materials including any required essay or narrative.

Committees submit their results to a Scholarship Oversight Committee comprised of 3 to 6 faculty and staff including the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. This oversight committee makes the final determination based on reviewer feedback and amount of funds available for any particular scholarship.

It can take several weeks after the application due date before award determinations are made. We anticipate being able to inform students of the results of their applications the first week of June. All communication will be addressed to your WWU email. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact wce.scholarships@wwu.edu 

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