Woodring Scholarships

WCE Scholarship applications have closed for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Exception: The McCallum Graduate Fellowship is open and awarded quarterly to Graduate students seeking conference and travel funding when presenting. See the WCE McCallum Graduate Fellowship Request form for deadlines and to submit a proposal.

If you have any questions, please email wce.scholarships@wwu.edu.

The Woodring College of Education Scholarship Office coordinates the scholarship application and awarding process with committees from the various Woodring College departments and programs. 

Woodring College awards scholarships to students to recognize and encourage academic achievement, leadership skills, and the determination to succeed.

Who can apply for Woodring scholarships:

Students enrolled in a Woodring program at any site, including alt route for one or more quarters of the upcoming academic year may apply.  Prospective students (Future Woodring Scholars, Maestros, and other freshmen or transfers who have not yet been accepted into a Woodring program), regardless of grade point average, area of study, citizenship, or residency status may also apply for some scholarships. Please email if you are unsure if you qualify.

When to apply for Woodring scholarships:

All applications must be received by the deadline stated above in order to be considered for an award for the following academic year. If you plan to apply to a Woodring program during the upcoming year, you are eligible to apply for scholarships in that program. You will only receive funding if you are accepted into the program.

How recipients are selected:

The Woodring Scholarship Office receives applications and verifies eligibility and completeness before sending them to scholarship committees or departments. Faculty and department committees score applications and make recommendations to the Woodring Scholarship Office and Associate Dean, who approves the final decisions.

How applications are scored: 

A faculty or department member on a scholarship committee scores each component of your application using a standard rubric to achieve a total score. Then all committee members compile results and discuss top applicants to make final recommendations. 

The selection process follows Federal and State laws, as well as University policies, which protect students against discrimination based on the following legally protected characteristics: Race, Color, Creed, Religion, National Origin, Sex (including pregnancy and parenting status), Gender Identity and Expression, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, Veteran Status, Marital Status, and Genetic Information.

How recipients are notified:

After the Associate Dean confirms final committee selections, the Woodring Scholarship Office will email all applicants at their official WWU email address as to whether or not they received a scholarship. Students who receive a scholarship should keep this award email and follow all instructions carefully by the deadline given. Students should expect to hear back before the end of Spring Quarter.

Please check with the WWU Scholarship Center for other scholarship options.