Brett Russell Coleman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Brett Russell Coleman received is PhD in Community & Prevention Research from the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016.

Currently he is Assistant Professor of Health and Community Studies at Western Washington University where he teaches interdisciplinary, social justice oriented courses in the Human Services Program. His work in and out of the academy interrogates the intersections of race and power in community settings. Dr. Coleman’s research addresses the context and consequences of racial identity and racial socialization at multiple levels and life stages, including individual identity development among youth of color, whiteness and knowledge of racism as a systemic process, and the role of neoliberal ideology in youth development policy and practice. He has published studies in Social Psychological and Personality Science, the Journal of Research on Adolescence, the Journal of Black Psychology, and Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research. Much of his work is informed by lived experience, including over two decades in urban youth development spaces in Chicago.