Christine Caverhill Schaefer, Ph.D.

Co-Director Master in Teaching Everett



BA, Whitman College, M.ED, PhD, University of Washington


  • Dr. Schaefer is the Academic Program Director for the Master in Teaching program in Everett.
  • She is an experienced English teacher at both junior and senior high school levels.
  • Dr. Schaefer serves as a consultant to secondary schools to help them improve their students' reading of expository and narrative texts.
  • She teaches courses for the secondary certification and the MIT programs.

Courses Taught

SEC 417b, SEC 431a, SEC 432a, SEC 435, SEC 436, SEC 598 (Secondary Practicum classes); SEC 433 (Peer Teaching Laboratory); SEC 518 (Motivation); SEC 518 (Speech and Drama); SEC 518 (Management & Discipline); SEC 525 (Content Reading, Writing, and Communication in Secondary Schools); SEC 533 (Assessment and Professional Development in Secondary Schools); SEC 691 (Graduate Seminar);  EDC&I 481 (Content Area Reading); EDC&I 484 (Reading in the Secondary School);  EDC&I 573 (Instructional Design in Secondary Schools);  EDC&I 574 (Motivation, Management & Discipline in Secondary Schools);  ELED 489 (Language Structure and Reading Development); ELED 583 (Literacy and Children’s Literature); EDED 691 (Graduate Seminar); ENG 347 (Young Adult Literature); ENG 370 (Introduction to Language); ENG 443 & ENG 444 (Teaching English Language Arts in the Secondary Schools I and II);  TESL 401 (Introduction to English Linguistics for TESOL)

Areas of Emphasis, Special interest or Research

Content-area literacy for secondary teachers, Educational research, linguistics, literature, field-based experiences, research-based effective teaching