Alberta Jones, Ph.D.

she/her/hers, Instructor/Intern Supervisor


Alberta earned her Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies from U. of Alaska Fairbanks. She spent her career teaching mainly middle school and upper elementary school in Juneau, Alaska and Silver Spring, Maryland.  She coordinated several Alaska Native Education Program grants focusing on Western Science/Indigenous Knowledge enrichment programs and summer camps with mainly 6th -12th grades. Dr. Jones belongs to the Tsimshian Gishbudwada (Killer Whale) phratry. She is also Alutiiq-Sugpiaq, Norwegian, Hispanic, Swedish, Baltic, Finish,Baltic,  Russian & German. She is married to Peter Jones and has adult children Bruce (Mathematics/Computer Science WWU graduate, 2020), Jenny, David & wife Meghan, and grandchildren Master Teddy and Ms. Ellie.