Steph Strachan, Ph.D.

she/her/hers, Associate Professor



BA, U.C. Berkeley; MA, San Diego State University; Ph.D., Michigan State University

Courses Taught

ELED 480 (Literacy in the Primary Grades); ELED 456 (Literacy Assessment); ELED 486 (Literacy Difficulties in the K-12 Classroom); ELED 425 (Social Studies for Elementary School); ELED 538 (Current Issues in Assessment and Evaluation - M.Ed); EDUC 501 (Intro to Ed Research - M.Ed.)

Areas of Emphasis, Special Interest or Research

early/emergent literacy; disciplinary literacy and content area literacy; discussion-based teaching and learning; integration of language and literacy in inquiry-based K-2 science and social studies

Link to Recent Publication: Real Classrooms, Real Teachers: The C3 Inquiry in Practice