Maria Timmons Flores, Ph.D.




BA, Western Washington University;  MEd, Huxley College, Western Washington University, Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder.

Courses Taught

  • ELL 431 (Second Language Acquisition);
  • ELL 433 (Understanding Bilingual Learners in a Socio-Cultural Context);
  • ELL 434 (Methods And Materials For Teaching Beginning ELLs);
  • ELL 435 (Methods and Materials for Academic Language Proficiency);
  • ELL 436 (Seminar and Practicum for the ELL Endorsement); and
  • EDUC / AMST 413 (Bridging Barriers with Migrant Youth).

Areas of Emphasis, Special Interest or Research

Bilingual / Multicultural Education, pathways to teaching for bilingual teachers, academic language and literacy development for English learners, teaching for social & environmental justice; supporting students from immigrant / migrant backgrounds.

Director of the Bridges Project: Building Bridges with Migrant Youth, a program dedicated to providing access to higher education in a culturally sustaining approach.