Woodring Granted $1.5 Million by WEA for Future Educators

Submitted by leee31 on Wed, 10/11/2023 - 22:27
Large group of WEA members sitting outside all in matching red shirts.

Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education is set to receive a generous $1.5 million Promise Scholarship from the Washington Education Association (WEA). This gesture underlines the institution's strong tradition of fostering exceptional educators and leaders for the state.

The unique feature of this scholarship is its extension into the fifth year of the teaching preparation program, ensuring that students are financially supported even during their student teaching phase. Moreover, WEA member educators have taken on the mantle of mentoring these scholarship recipients individually, aiding in their holistic development and ensuring their success in academic pursuits and future classrooms.

Starting this fall, Woodring College will begin disbursing the first installment of this funding, benefiting numerous future educators in their journey.

Larry Delaney, WEA president, expressed his vision saying, “It is paramount for us, as an education-oriented community, to uplift a diverse group of upcoming educators, mirroring the heterogeneity of our public schools. Together, we hold the expertise and potential to drive change. As we look to the future, our focus remains on fortifying our public schools both locally and nationally.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sabah Randhawa, Western Washington University's president remarked, “For Washington state's student success, it's crucial to onboard educators who resonate with the backgrounds and life stories of their students. Western and Woodring College have consistently been pillars in sculpting the state's education sector. We're honored to collaborate with WEA in our shared mission of nurturing Washington's next generation of educators."

To date, Woodring's influence is deeply woven into Washington's education tapestry, with over 4,000 educators across the state's school systems being proud Woodring alumni. Furthermore, every county in Washington boasts of having a Woodring-prepared educator contributing to their community.