MIT - South King County Program Curriculum

Program Completion

To qualify for program completion and recommendation for state of Washington residency certification, candidates must complete the following requirements and assessments outlined on the 
Secondary Education main catalog page, and:

The Graduate School policy is for program requirements to be completed within five years. While it is possible to earn the Residency teaching certificate without completing the final requirements for the MIT degree, it is not possible to earn the MIT without earning the Residency teaching certificate.

Required Program Courses

  • I T 544 - Instructional Technology and Education
  • SEC 501 - Introduction to Educational Research Inquiry for Secondary Teachers
  • SEC 512 - Seminar in Educational Philosophy
  • SEC 531 - Teaching Adolescents
  • SEC 534 - Management, Motivation and Discipline in the Secondary Schools
  • SEC 551 - Effective Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms 
  • SEC 552 - Assessment in Multilingual Classrooms 
  • SPED 510 - Secondary Students with Special Needs

  • MLE 538 - Methods and Programming for P-12 Bilingual Classrooms
  • MLE 542 - Language, Culture, and Equity in the Classroom
  • MLE 543 - Methods for Teaching Entering and Emerging Multilingual Learners
  • MLE 544 - Understanding and Teaching Disciplinary Language
  • MLE 546 - Methods in Multilingual Disciplinary and Critical Literacies
  • SEC 550 - Culture, Language, and Equity in Schooling

  • SEC 595 - Graduate Internship

  • SEC 691 - Research Seminar

Additional Info

2022-23 Catalog

Grade Requirements: Retention in the program requires continuous demonstration of competence in standard oral and written English in all course work. Retention also requires maintenance of a 3.0 quarterly GPA for each quarter upon admission.

Non-Thesis Assessment: Master in Teaching candidates are in the non-thesis option.

Second Master's Degree: Enrollment must be for a single MEd, MA or MIT program. Students who have earned a MEd or MIT may apply for admission to another MEd program but all requirements of the second program must be met (with possible allowance for some course work taken in the first program). However, all programs must be completed with the minimum number of required credits.

Due to a review and revision process which may affect Woodring College of Education programs and courses, the information is subject to change.