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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Department offers two teacher preparation programs:

Our programs prepare some of the most knowledgeable and exemplary teachers in the State of Washington. With incredible faculty, small class sizes, and extensive field experiences, Secondary Education reflects the very best in teaching. The curriculum is carefully sequenced to offer extensive classroom-based field experience and, upon successful completion, recommendation to receive a Washington State Residency Teaching Certificate. For general program information, please call 360-650-3327 or send an inquiry to seced@wwu.edu. For application requirements, contact Woodring Admissions at TeacherEd.Admissions@wwu.edu or 360-650-3310.   

Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Program

Application to Secondary Education


Applicants must meet the following requirements

We believe that effective teachers must possess the knowledge, skills and dispositions to successfully facilitate learning for students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. The essays, and interview, are intended to reveal aspects about you as a person- including the knowledge, abilities and the personal experiences that you will bring into the complex demands of teaching. Full details regarding the application requirements are available at wce.wwu.edu/sec/undergraduate-post-baccalaureate-program.

Evidence of academic preparation:

  • All applicants- an approved academic major and/or academic preparation for an endorsement.
    • A signed endorsement evaluation is required with your application, including any additional endorsement(s) you may be earning. No more than 10 endorsement credits may be outstanding once you begin the SEC program. The evaluation should indicate any courses that are in progress or planned at the time the application is due. To obtain a signed evaluation, take the endorsement evaluation form and unofficial transcripts (and a transfer equivalency report) to your academic endorsement advisor.  
  • Post-bac. applicants-  must also apply to Western Admissions by the application deadline; admissions.wwu.edu/post-bac.
  • Music or Physical Ed. & Health applicants must get pre-advising and an endorsement evaluation through their department advisor.
  • Basic skills assessment in reading, writing, and math prior to submitting application.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions (and a transfer equivalency report, if applicable).
  • Experience working with youth in an educational setting, with preference to public secondary schools. 

  • Experience with youth and families in diverse socio-economic, cultural, linguistic settings, and/or evidence of experience and academic knowledge with multicultural and social justice issues and challenges.
  • Essays that address the prompts on the SEC application form. 
  • 2.75 GPA (cumulative or last 45+ credits). Per request, transcripts will be reviewed for purposes of GPA calculation. Email unofficial transcripts to TeacherEd.Admission@wwu.edu.
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing your potential for success in teacher education.
    • Letters must come directly from the individual providing the recommendation.
    • One letter must be from someone (such as a professor) who can attest to your academic ability and knowledge in your major/endorsement.
    • One letter must be from someone who has observed your experience with youth in an educational setting.
    • Letters may not be from family, roommates, friends, etc.
  • English composition course (ENG 101, COMM 101, JOUR 106) with minimum grade of B-.  For other courses, check with Teacher Education Admissions. Exams that meet this requirement:  AP English Literature or Language minimum score of 4; â€‹IB English minimum score of 4.
  • Completed Woodring Secondary Education Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate Application form (see links above) and all supplemental materials.
  • On-campus, small group interview, typically 3-5 weeks after application deadline (details provided after application reviewed).

Submit an Application

  • Due Dates:

    • Fall Admission - February 15

    • Winter Admission - September 1

    • If you are a Post-Bac. applicant, you must also submit an application to Western Admissions.​  You will need to include official transcripts, brief essay that states your professional goals with Secondary Education and becoming a certified teacher, and pay the Western application fee of $60.

  • Open, print, and complete the Secondary Education application (see links above). There is no fee to apply to Woodring's Secondary Education program. Include unofficial transcripts and essays as directed by the prompts in application.

  • Request letters of recommendation. See wce.wwu.edu/sec/undergraduate-post-baccalaureate-program for details.Those letters may be submitted:

    • With your application in sealed envelopes, or

    • Mailed or Faxed to us at the below contact information, or

    • Ask writers to email them to TeacherEd.Admission@wwu.edu.

  • Submit complete application to the Teacher Education Admission Office (contact information below).

Application Decisions

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will have their application reviewed. Enrollment restrictions apply for each quarter. Applications are evaluated to determine the most qualified applicant.

  • Applications are reviewed by 1) Secondary Education faculty; and 2) designated academic department advisors.

  • Applicants meeting all requirements will attend a brief, small-group interview (details will be provided after the application deadline).

  • Consideration for admission may be given to applicants with endorsements in academic areas of current critical need.

  • The application process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete and students will be notified by letter and/or email.


Teacher Education Admission Contact Information

  • 360.650.3313, phone
  • 360.650.6583, fax
  • ​Miller Hall 150
  • Western Washington University, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA, 98225-9090