A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Faculty Information and Resources

Contracting, Benefits and Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

  • Performance reviews are conducted for Non-Tenure-Track  (NTT) faculty each year in May

    Results of all NTT faculty course evaluations should be submitted to the department quarterly, as instructed in advance by the Chair.  Tenure line faculty are reviewed on a different calendar cycle.  The Woodring Evaluation Plan  includes instructions and timelines.  All questions regarding this process should be directed to the Department Chair.

Department Specific Information

Staff Support

Staff are available to provide a variety of support to faculty.  Staff are able to make room reservations, post signage for classes canceled due to illness or inclement weather, make copies, and help you to find resources as needed.

Staff are not available to help faculty generate or update syllabi, input grades (or related assessment data), or to create/manage faculty Canvas courses, which are part of faculty instructional employment responsibilities.

Academic Advising

Faculty assigned academic advising responsibilities are expected to work with students in:

  • Clarifying major requirements
  • Approving transfer credits towards the major
  • Planning and tracking progress in the major
  • Evaluating the major for graduation

Academic advisors should post office hours for drop in advising.

Typically, a student's core instructor is assigned as their faculty advisor.  In some instances, students may request that another department faculty member serve as academic advisor. Please see your area Program Coordinator for assistance in this process.  Ultimately, it is up to each faculty to determine whether or not to take on additional advisees.

Canvas Courses

Canvas Courses are created automatically.  Once you are assigned to a course in Banner, the Canvas Course will appear automatically in Web4Faculty.  Technical assistance for customizing Canvas is available via the online  ATUS Canvas Instructor Quick Start Guide.  Managing Canvas courses is part of the compensated instructional responsibilities of faculty.  Staff are not available to assist faculty in setting up or managing Canvas courses.  See also, Instructional and Student Supports below.

Course Plans and Teaching Tips

Log in to Canvas and enter course titled faculty discussions.  Course plans are on the left column tab.  Contact a course mentor (identified on each course plan, with questions about course content and instruction).

Course Schedules and Textbooks

The WWU Bookstore will send you an e-form listing textbooks used previously when teaching various upcoming courses.  There is one e-form for each course that will be taught.  Please review and revise your textbook list(s) for the upcoming quarter specified on each form and route as shown below.  Non Tenured faculty should submit their e-form(s) to faculty mentors 5 business days prior to this deadline to allow for review and approval of their proposed book lists.   


  • Adult and Higher Education: Non-tenured faculty route forms to the Academic Program Director for review; tenure track/tenured faculty route reviewed/revised forms to the Western Bookstore.
  • Rehabilitation Counseling: Route forms to the Academic Program Director for review, per national accreditation standard requirements.
  • Bachelor’s Science in Nursing (BSN): Non-tenured faculty route forms to the Academic Program Director for review; tenure-track/tenured faculty route reviewed/revised forms to the Western Bookstore.
  • Human Services: Non-Tenure track faculty route forms to your faculty mentor; tenure-track/tenured faculty/faculty mentors route reviewed/revised forms to the Western Bookstore.

NOTE:  It is important that the Western bookstore receives the e-form no later than the deadline specified on the e-form.

Course Overrides

The decision whether or not to accept extra students into a class without extra pay, rests with the instructor.  As a result, instructors are responsible for granting student overrides into their courses via Web4Faculty and selecting "Registration Override". 

Elective  courses may sometimes be taken by non-majors with faculty approval on a space available basisIn order that non-majors do not prevent a major from enrolling, non-majors wanting to enroll should be instructed to attend the first day of class before an override is granted by faculty via Web4Faculty override process.

Please do not automatically admit a student into your course without first checking with a site program coordinator.  In some situations there may be a pre-existing wait list for entry into a class.

Students, faculty, and staff may initiate a request for override using the Override Request Form.

Computer Labs

Please make your request via the online lab reservation form.  Related: Please contact your site Program Coordinator if you need to change your classroom, or request a room.

Essential Functions

Student entry and retention in the program is dependent upon essential functions.  Please contact the Department Chair if a student is not meeting these requirements.

Expectations for Student Academic and Professional Performance

Continuation in the program is dependent upon students meeting academic and professional performance expectations. Students who are failing a class should be contacted in writing mid-quarter and informed that they are not passing the class.  Please contact the Department Chair if a student is not meeting academic or professional standards.

Field Studies

Undergraduate Manual, Forms, and Student Placements

Graduate Manuals and Forms

Student/Alumni Reference Requests

Please ask students to complete a Reference Release before providing references for jobs, internships, and/or graduate school

Syllabus Requirements

Syllabi are legal contracts and faculty are required to follow WCE/HSR syllabus guidelines.  For required courses syllabi must include learning outcomes as they are linked to CSHSE or CORE National Standards.  Part-time instructors should have syllabi reviewed by a course plan mentor, outreach director, or department chair at a minimum of several weeks before the course begins.  An electronic copy of each syllabi must be submitted to the department at the beginning of the quarter. Syllabi guidelines.

Writing Conventions

The Department follows the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Student papers are expected to be submitted using APA style.  
APA style tutorial

WWU - Policies and Procedures

Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness

Please complete the Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness Report within 24 hours of all accidental injuries or occupational illnesses/exposures.  Route to the department chair.

Western Washington University Policies and Procedures

Western Washington University Academic Policies including those listed below are available at the current online catalog:

Confidentiality Laws (FERPA)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) is a Federal law that guarantees students the right to review their education records and the right to control disclosure of their records. It also mandates that faculty and staff may not release any information to third party individuals (including other faculty, staff, parents, and future employers) without first obtaining the student's written consent using the student's written consent form

Notification of grades via e-mail is in violation of FERPA. There is no guarantee of confidentiality on the Internet.   The public posting of grades by the student's name, student number, or social security number without the student's written permission is a violation of FERPA. This includes the posting of grades to a class/institutional website and applies to any posting of grades in hallways or departmental offices.  One exception would be the posting of grades by the last 4 digits of a social security (or Western ID) number or a randomly assigned number that is only known by the student.  

WWU's FERPA tutorial contains additional regulations regarding student privacy that all faculty and teaching assistants are responsible for understanding.

Copyright Policy @ WWU

Course Evaluations

All courses must be evaluated on a quarterly basis.  Evaluations are ordered through the Registrar's Office.  For rehiring purposes, all evaluations must be submitted to the Department for review by the chair for use in evaluations. 

Please be sure you order evaluations for each CRN you are instructing.  If you are instructing two sections of the same course that are cross linked between sites, remember to request an evaluation for each CRN.

There are two evaluation options, one paper and one electronic. 

To order

Paper evaluations for face to face courses:

  • Faculty are requested to ask a staff member or a student to proctor the evaluation during class.  If you plan to request staff to proctor course evaluations instead of a student, please schedule a mutually convenient date/time as soon as possible. 

Online Evaluations (for online only courses that do not meet face-to-face): 

  • You should receive a confirmation e-mail for each online evaluation you order.
  •  Faculty conducting online evaluations are responsible for making sure that students complete the evaluation process. 

When Ordering All Course Evaluations:
You may be asked for the following information:
Department:  Health and Community Studies (HCS)
Program:  AHE, HS, RC, NURS
Course Registration Number (CRN):  Available via several sources including ClassFinder for main campus programs, your program website, or consult your program support staff.

You will also be asked for the mailstop for the program office where you are teaching:
Bellingham – 9091
Distance-Learning – 9091
Everett – 1288

Paper evaluation results:
Results are sent directly to faculty from the Department Chair’s office. 

Online evaluation results:
Results are e-mailed directly to faculty WWU email accounts shortly after the end of the quarter.

Past Evaluation Results:
Faculty who need replacements of paper evaluations may retrieve previous results by logging on to Faculty Web as long as their accounts are active (see recommendation above to print and file for future reference as well as forward results each quarter via e-mail to the department).  Links to past evaluation reports will appear under the “order evaluations” section.

Faculty who need replacement of online evaluations, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Field Trip Insurance

Insurance must be purchased prior to every course event.  Work through the program coordinator.

Grading Policies

Grade Reporting - Electronic (Web4U)

Grades are due by noon the Tuesday following finals week.  Faculty are expected to submit grades electronically.  Login to Web4U

Missing Student Work VS. the Grade Submission Deadline

Grades not submitted by the deadline can hold up several university wide systems (bringing less than positive attention at the university level to entire programs and individual instructors alike).  Worse, are the potentially adverse impacts upon students in the areas of financial aid calculations, issuance of a degree, determination of class rank and awards for graduating seniors, when no grade is entered by the submission deadline. 

Consider issuing the incomplete (K) grade prior to the grade submission deadline upon student request and your approval of the Incomplete Contract (see Incomplete ("K") Grades below).

  When in doubt it is generally safest to issue a K grade

Grade Changes

Grade changes are rare and can only take place under the conditions outlined in the university policy.

When changing lettered grades or addressing missing grades, faculty should route the following Web4 Faculty grade change e-form to the Registrar.  Do not use this form to change a K grade.  See Incomplete Grade Completion for the completion of K grades.

Grades - Incomplete ("K")

Normally an incomplete (K) grade is given only to a student who has been in attendance and has been doing passing work until the final two weeks of the quarter when extenuating circumstances beyond his or her control make it impossible to complete course requirements on schedule (extenuating circumstances do not include mere lateness in completing work). Students must request an incomplete (K) grade and a contract must be negotiated and signed before the Registrars grade submission deadline for that quarter and prior to (K) grades being submitted to the Registrar.

A date of completion must be specified on the contract. Please do not extend the (K) grade contract beyond the length of one quarter (10 weeks). Students should be given the grade earned at the time of the incomplete contract minus any points associated with incomplete assignments if course work is not completed as agreed when the contract expires.
K-Grade Contract.

Incomplete Grade Completion

When changing K-grades, simply send an e-mail Laura.Jensen@wwu.edu in the Registrar's office with a cc to the program manager. Include the following:

  • Student's Name and W#
    Course Number (HSP 305)
    New grade earned

Please cc the program manager so that the appropriate K grade contract e-form can be closed at the same time that the students transcript is being updated.

Inclement Weather

Call the main campus storm line (650.6500) to find out about main campus operations.  Off campus locations follow host campus policies.

Mileage and Day Trip Reimbursement (Electronic)

Faculty are reimbursed for pre-approved travel. Please contact Program Manager regarding travel authorizations and reimbursements.

University Calendar/Holidays (Including beginning and end of quarters)

Instructional and Student Supports

Academic Technology (ATUS) Faculty Support

Canvas Support

Please note that the following resources may also be of help:

  • Access issues and account problems: Please contact the ATUS Help Desk at helpdesk@wwu.edu or 360-650-3333.
  • Website access, Web template assistance, and new Website information: Please visit Web Services

Counseling Center Referrals

Please report all concerns and student threats of harm to self or others immediately to the Department Chair or Everett Director.

  • Bellingham - WWU Counseling Services
  • Everett - EVCC Counseling Center handles walk-in students in emergency situations (on a one-time basis).

Course Add/Drop Forms (Student Initiates)

Disability Access Center (CAC) - Student Accommodations

Accommodations without official verification and directives from the dis/Ability Resource Center.  Students are responsible for requesting accommodations from WWU.

Independent Studies

Independent studies can not be contracted for financial aid purposes.  IS must be supervised by a tenure track faculty member

  • Undergraduate Program: Please contact your area Program Coordinator and cooperating Faculty Member.
  • Graduate Program Independent Studies e-Form

Library - WWU

Library - Human Services

Technology Center (Student and Faculty Support in Bellingham)

Writing Center Referrals and Support

Faculty Research Resources


Outreach Programs (Everett)