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Elizabeth Kelly, Pre-Admissions Academic Advisor

Elizabeth's role is to help assist students who have an interest in or plan to enter a Woodring teacher certification program. She assists students in developing academic and career plans consistent with their interests and aspirations and utilizes available resources to achieve academic success. She focuses on supporting students who have an interest in or who plan to enter Woodring programs, but who are not yet ready or eligible to apply.  If you are interested in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Inclusive Teaching (Special Education), Secondary Education, M.I.T, M.E.D. Please reach out! 

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Peter Johnson, Director Certification & Teacher Education Admission

Peter advises prospective students interested in becoming teachers.  He evaluates academic preparation relative to WWU program requirements, works with current and transfer students on identifying programs and majors that align with their career goals, and advises applicants on becoming a certified teacher - including advising around endorsement requirements, renewing a current teaching certificate, adding endorsements to an existing license, and advising out of state licensed candidates on how to become certified in the state of Washington. 



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Students who are interested in Woodring programs can also contact a department advisor. For questions regarding endorsements or admission please contact the Admissions/Certification office. 

If you would like to meet with an advisor please schedule an appointment! 

Meet with peer mentors in the Diversity, Retention and Recruitment office. Peer mentors build community, foster relationships, hold advising sessions, and try to help and support in whatever way they can. They find resources, are a resource, refer students to other people as resources, and help to make the first year of college easier.

Education and Social Justice (ESJ) Minor

Fialaui'a Lamositele

Special Education Programs

Summer Mitchell

Early Childhood Education Program

Megan Brown

Human Services Major

Misti Williams

Elementary Education

Molly Baumann

Secondary Education

Janna Cecka

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Students interested in Woodring programs can either contact the WCE advisors or a department advisor. For questions regarding endorsements or admission please contact the Admissions/Certification office.