Future Bilingual Teaching Fellows

Future Bilingual Teaching Fellows banner shows WWU and Highline logos
Group of people in the Future Bilingual Teaching Fellows program

The Woodring Highline Future Bilingual Teaching Fellows Program is a Route 1, Community Route to Certification partnership between Western Washington University and Highline Public Schools. This two year (8 academic quarter) program supports employed paraeducators who seek to become K-8 certified teachers (available to current employees and new applicants). Candidates must be bilingual. Highline Fellows will be employed as full-time paid paraeducators. Conditional Loan Scholarships available for tuition support.  Woodring students are eligible to transfer to this program.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Marsha Riddle Buly, Ph.D.

Director Bilingual Teacher Community Routes, Professor


(360) 650-7348 | MH 305B

Miranda Myers Barker

Program Coordinator


(360) 650-6292 | MH 203C

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