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Elementary Education Program

Academic Program Director
Dr. John Marchesini
(360) 475-7746
Email Program Director

Program Coordinator
Lilla Bodo
(360) 475-7269
Email Program Coordinator


Information Sessions - Call 360-475-7269 for personal advising appointment.

Programs Available

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with a residency teacher certificate and an elementary education endorsement

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with residency teacher certificate and dual endorsements in special and elementary educations

A Post-Baccalaureate residency teacher certificate with elementary education endorsement.

For more information on program requirements, schedules and expectations, please review the Teacher Education Outreach Program FAQ handout.

Information for Current Students

Schedules (subject to change)

*Winter Schedules 2018*

Winter Quarter Calendar 12/07
Cohort 36 Winter Schedule 12/07
Cohort 38 Winter Schedule 12/07
Cohort 40 Winter Schedule 12/07

*Spring Schedules 2018*

Spring Quarter Calendar Not available
Cohort 36 Spring Schedule 2/16
Cohort 38 Spring Schedule 2/16
Cohort 40 Spring Schedule 2/16

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