Teacher Education Outreach Programs

WWU Teacher Certification Programs in Seattle, Everett & Bremerton

Interested in becoming a certified teacher but don’t have time for or access to Western’s main campus teacher education classes? In addition to our traditional academic teacher certification programs, Western offers students around the region the opportunity to take evening classes several nights a week toward a variety of teacher certifications and endorsements at three WWU outreach sites:

  • Everett Community College10536029406_c265409391_b.jpg
  • North Seattle Community College
  • Olympic College in Bremerton


Teacher Certification at WWU Outreach Sites

Western’s nontraditional teacher preparation program is designed for students who hold a transferable Associate of Arts degree (DTA) from a Washington State community college, have satisfied Western's General University Requirements, or have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking teacher certification.

Students who are accepted into the program take classes at WWU outreach sites in Seattle, Everett or Bremerton to earn one of the following:

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with a residency teacher certificate and an elementary education endorsement

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with residency teacher certificate and dual endorsements in special and elementary educations

A Post-Baccalaureate residency teacher certificate with elementary education endorsement.

For more information on program requirements, schedules and expectations, please review the Teacher Education Outreach Program FAQ handout.

Additional Endorsements and Master’s in Teaching

Western’s outreach program also offers endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education for teachers who already hold a Washington State Teaching Certificate. We also administer an evening Master in Teaching program at our Everett site.