West-B Requirement

Applicants to teacher education programs in the State of Washington are required to demonstrate basic skill competency in reading, writing, and math. Applicants may not be admitted to a program without meeting this requirement. The requirement may be met by:

  • Passing the West-B exam with a score of 240 in Reading, Writing, and Math. The West-B is a computerized exam given multiple times each month. Scores do not expire and applicants are advised to take the exams well in advance of applying.  OR

  • SAT or ACT minimum scores in Reading, Writing, and Math  OR

  • Out of state post-baccalaureate and masters level applicants may utilize out of state basic skills exam to meet the WEST-B requirement.  Accepted out of state basic skills exams can be found on the PESB website here.

  • Applicants may meet this requirement through a combination of West-B, SAT, or ACT scores. For example, West-B score for Reading and SAT scores for Math and Writing

The minimum scores required to meet the West-B Requirement are:

Subject West - B SAT ACT
Math 240

515 (prior to 3/4/2016)

550 or 27.5 (after 3/5/2016)

Reading 240

500 (prior to 3/4/2016)

27 (after 3/5/2016)

Writing 240

490 (prior to 3/4/2016)

28 (after 3/5/2016)

8 (prior to 8/31/2015)

23 (beginning 9/1/2015 through 8/31/2016)

8 (after 9/1/2016)

Any alternative exam score used to meet this requirement must be officially sent to the university by the testing company. Do not send the reports to the the Woodring College of Education or Teacher Education Admissions. Scores already on file with the university do not have to be re-sent. Official passing score reports must be on file by the teacher education application due date. Helpful links:

West-B Test Vouchers (to pay for the exam)

Woodring College of Education has limited number of vouchers to cover the test fee. West-B voucher guidelines:

  1. You do not have to be a current WWU student, but must be applying to a Woodring College of Education teacher education program (Secondary, Special Education, Elementary or Early Childhood).

  2. Must qualify for financial aid.

  3. May only receive one West-B voucher.

  4. The supply is limited so we may not have vouchers available for all test dates.

Directions for Applying for a Voucher

Send an email to CertOffice@wwu.edu  stating that you are applying for a West-B voucher. Please include the following information:

  • The program and term you are applying for (e.g. Elementary, Fall 2017).

  • The approximate date you plan to take the exam.

  • Statement declaring you qualify for financial aid based on your FAFSA.

  • Submit your request at least a week before you plan to register for the exam. Don't register and pay for a test before you find out if you qualify for a voucher.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Teacher Education Admissions at: