Residency Administrator Certificate (Principal)


Designed for educators who hold a master's degree, or are currently enrolled in our master's program. Candidates earn the Washington State Residency Administrator Certification (principal).


  1. Master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. Valid Washington State teacher or educational staff associate (ESA) certificate.


Washington State Requirement

All candidates for the residency principal's certificate must complete 540 hours in a full school-year field experience, of which at least one half shall be when students and staff are present.  

Mentor Supervision

The intern shall be under the supervision of a mentoring principal or vice principal who is certificated at the appropriate level with a minimum threes years of experience in the role.

District & University Approval

In addition to getting University approval on all internship arrangements, candidates must initiate and satisfy any internship approval procedures required by their district.

University Credit

540 hours of field experience (EDAD 592) translates to twelve (12) credit hours in one academic year.

Curriculum: 8 courses (33 credits) plus 12 credits of internship (45 credits total)

The following courses are required for Washington State residency principal certification.

Course Title Credits
EDAD 512

Policy & Personnel Studies in Educational Administration

EDAD 537 Seminar in Public School Finance 4
EDAD 541 Theory in Educational Administration 4
EDAD 543 Supervision in the Public Schools 4
EDAD 548 School Law 4
EDAD 550 Developing Staff & Community Relations 4
EDAD 552 Planning for Curriculum Administration 4
EDAD 553 Administering Elementary & Secondary Schools 4
EDAD 592 Field Exp:  Administration for the Principal (Internship) 12

Administrator Certification

Administrator Certification contains basic information and Woodring Certification contact information for candidates and alumni of WWU's Residency Principal, Professional Administrator, and Initial Superintendent programs.  Three years of documented successful school-based experience in an instructional role with students is required by the completion of the program.  Certification is predicated on the candidate submitting Prerequisite Experience for a Principal’s Certificate (Form SPI/CERT 4001F-C) (Form SPI/CERT 4001F-C). 

Application Deadlines

To receive full consideration for admission to this program, applicants must submit all application materials by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Quarter: August 1st
  • Winter Quarter: October 1st
  • Spring Quarter: February 1st
  • Summer Quarter: May 1st

Application Process

  • Go to Western's Graduation School "How to Apply" website, click on "create an account".
  • After you have created an account, click on "Online Application".
  • After selecting Educational Administration, continue through the application, adding information and uploading required materials.
    • One set of unofficial transcripts from each institution attended, including WWU graduates (if you are offered admission, you will be required to submit official transcripts)
    • Letter of intent stating:
      • Why you want to become a school administrator
      • How your understanding of diversity relates to improving learning for all students.  Include your understanding of diversity and your leadership experiences related to student diversity in your response, recognizing that your school/district has students with diverse backgrounds.  For the purpose of this letter of intent, diversity may include but not be limited to:  highly capable, special needs, 504 plans, ELL/ESL, ethnicity and culture, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or other.
      • Your goals and objectives as an education leader.
    • Resume outlining your education and professional history.
    • One copy of valid Washington State Certificate (teacher or educational staff associate).  If submitting an ESA certificate, you must include a letter from  your supervisor describing your assignment and service that supports three years of documented successful school-based experience in an instructional role with students.
    • Professional Reference Forms (3):  Two from building-level administrators and one from a district-level administrator.
    • The State of Washington requests the following information from educational administration applicants, however this information is not used with the review of your application.
      • Which most closely reflects the highest education level of your parent(s) and/or guardian(s)?
        • Some high school, high school diploma or GED
        • Some college, college, graduate school
      • Is your first language English?
        • Yes/No






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