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What is Special Education?

There are two definitions of special education. One is the education of students with disabilities. The other is the application of exceptional teaching. We in the special education program at Western Washington University believe very strongly in the second definition. We think that it is our mission to prepare exceptional teachers and, while students who have disabilities often require the services of such teachers, we also believe that there are many other students who can benefit from high quality instruction. We also think that there is much satisfaction to be gained from the acquisition of the highest levels of teaching skill and that the teachers trained in our program benefit professionally and personally from the acquisition of theses skill. That is why the word “special” in our title is a source of pride to us and to our graduates.

Degrees, Certificates & Endorsements

Our curriculum is a carefully sequenced professional program that is grounded in current research on effective teaching and learning, consistent with state and national standards pertaining to skills and knowledge for Special Education teachers. 
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