ADEI Statement & Actions

Access, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI) Commitment

At Compass 2 Campus, we are committed to intentionally creating communities that represent a wide diversity of identities, including, but not limited to: race, gender identity, class, ability status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, and religion. We believe that people of all backgrounds offer important contributions to our work because of their unique lived experiences. We believe that our organization is stronger when we listen to diverse perspectives and value these lived experiences. Through organizational policies and practices, C2C works to ensure that all identities- particularly those that have been historically excluded from higher education- are represented and supported. We continually strive to see the identities of the communities we serve reflected in our staff, faculty and mentors.

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Nationally, about 80% of teachers are white. In Washington state, 89% of our teachers are white. In some of the districts in Whatcom and Skagit County, while Students of Color are the majority, more than 95% of teachers are white. Recruiting and supporting mentors of color is urgent in our region, both for short-term mentee support and as a long-term strategy to diversify the teaching/counseling workforce in our state. More information about Washington's state lack of/need for teachers of color is available here. 

WA State Teachers


of teachers are white



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Mount Vernon Teachers


Teachers of Color in 2020-2021

Mount Vernon School District Students


Students of Color in 2020-2021

Our Action

We believe that ADEI statements are only as good as the work and action that comes with it. The notes below show a few of the ways we are working towards our ADEI statement.

  • ADEI Committee: Our student-led ADEI committee builds in time for staff to learn more about identities, provide feedback, and suggest training topics for the C2C team.
  • We partner with the Black and Brown Men's Success Collaborative, Multicultural Center and Woodring College of Education to build more programming to support students of color.
  • We review hiring practices, interview questions and job descriptions to better reflect our mission and commitment to equity and justice. We recognize that experience and skills come from many different places, not only professional work positions.
  • Our Core Competencies for staff focus on Care, Communication, Leadership and Equity & Justice. Staff are regularly reviewed on these competencies.
  • Each staff member creates their own equity goals, and is provided with support and resources to work towards that goal, assessing their progress each quarter.
  • C2C mentors review the demographics and other data at their school site, to identify opportunity gaps and barriers to higher education access.
  • Staff participate in trainings each quarter focused on different aspects of Equity & Justice. 
  • We listen and act on feedback from mentors, teachers and staff to continually address issues of inequity in our community.