Fall Tour Day Information

Virtual College Week!

During the pandemic, Tour Day was reconfigured into a weeklong online event called College Week! Check out the College Week website below for your own virtual tour!

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Tour Day

5th grade students exploring Environmental Science building interactive exhibit

Each fall, all fifth graders from participating schools are brought to the WWU campus for a "kick-off" tour. The tour day is a coordinated effort between the university, local school districts, and the community. The tour is an all-day field trip for the students and their teachers and they participate in the following ways:

  • Touring "real" WWU classrooms where professors have opened the doors and provided a view of college education for the 5th graders. Over 125 classrooms and demonstrations have been open to our tour guests.
  • Touring university housing and activity centers where Western students typically live and participate in university offerings.
  • Visiting WWU service centers, so that young students also get a bird's-eye-view of how to navigate a university.
  • Touring the WWU library, a favorite to our 5th graders, to see the educational treasures available to students.
  • Viewing Western's cultural resources; sculptures, art galleries, music, theatre, and dance performances.
  • Lunching on campus with mentors at the Viking Union.
  • Opportunities to meet the university administration.
  • Teachers receive opportunities to extend their education through in-services, dialogue sessions, campus tours and work time with colleagues.

Volunteer for Tour Day

As part of our Tour Day, many groups of students will be touring the Western campus. We will need to have some experienced adult supervision on campus that day. These adults will be needed as a safety measure to be present on the WWU perimeter, answering questions about locations on campus, helping in emergencies or with problems, maintaining cell-phone communication with the program director to relay needed information, and generally talking with students, acting as ambassadors for the Western campus.

A Tour Day volunteer answering a student question

Volunteers are requested in late September. All volunteers are required to attend a short orientation for their designated task prior to Tour Day. If you would like to volunteer on Tour Day, please contact C2C@wwu.edu.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help our young students consider college in their future!