Internship Information - Bilingual Teaching Fellows

Internship Sequence

Undergraduate and post-bac candidates from the Bilingual Teaching Fellows Program in Renton complete a robust year long internship in their mentor teacher's classroom during the second year of the program.

The internship begins when the teacher returns to the classroom (late August/early September) and continues until the end of the school year. Most of the year is spent in the mentor classroom in a part-time capacity combined with a minimum of 3 weeks full-time. During the full-time portion of the internship (Spring quarter), candidates will follow the work schedule of a full-time teacher. Candidates will log a minimum of 540 hours across the entire internship experience as required by state law.

Placement Process

Fellows are placed in a job that aligns with program requirements and the partner district's needs. Internship experiences occur within the job setting with a designated mentor teacher across both years of the program.