Completion Requirements

Are you a teacher candidate in your full-time internship? Review these completion requirements to ensure that you are on track to successfully finish your program. Once OFE has received all final documents, grades and degree have been issued, and any other requirements have been met (such as West-E/NES/ACTFL exams), our Certification Office will recommend you to OSPI. The Certification Office will notify you when you can apply for and print your certificate through your OSPI eCertification account.

Candidates Submit

  • Field experience hours log showing attendance between specified dates and at least 450 hours logged (540 for Alt Route programs).

        Select your program from the left hand menu for directions on completing your hours log.

Field Supervisors/UICs Submit

  • Midterm evaluation

  • Final evaluation

  • Professional Growth Plan

  • Self-Assessment

  • Meeting log

Post-Completion Job Search