Resources for Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers (CTs) are highly qualified educators who welcome teacher education candidates into their classrooms to provide opportunities for observation, planning, and co-teaching. A CT's mentorship is essential to the success of the field experience.

The Internship Handbook will provide you with critical information about roles and responsibilities as well as important resources for a successful mentoring experience.

Getting Started Video

Additional Resources
  • From the left hand menu, select the program that your intern is enrolled in and navigate to the Internship Materials page to find the Internship Handbook, calendars and evaluations.

  • Common Core Standards

  • If you have any any questions related to stipend or clock hours, please email the Office of Field Experience at

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student teachers, please contact your University Intern Coordinator or Field Supervisor.

  • Mentoring Student Teachers Module: CTs may choose to take this online self-paced Canvas course. CTs who complete the course will earn continuing education clock hours. Please email for more information.

Clock Hours

All CTs earn supervisory clock hours under OSPI guidelines and WAC 181-85-033(3). CTs earn 10 continuing education clock hours per term for hosting a candidate and may earn no more than 30 during a calendar year. Under state law, 10 continuing education clock hours equals 1 higher education credit. The Office of Field Experience will send clock hour forms to your e-mail address. Please sign and submit your completed form to your district HR office at the end of the internship.

CTs can also earn clock hours by completing the online Mentoring Student Teachers course on Canvas. Email for details.


CTs receive stipends for hosting WWU interns. In order to receive payment, CTs must complete an A19 and a W9 form, and submit them to OFE. Stipends are paid at the end of the internship.

Instructions for A19 and W9 Forms

OFE will send forms to your school e-mail address

A19 form
  • In the Vendor or Claimant box: legal name and home mailing address.

  • Sign on the line next to "BY," below the description of the Vendor's Certificate.

W9 form
  • The IRS W9 form is a secure WWU Accounts Payable Form that will need to be completed and submitted to get you set up in the Western Washington University payment  system to receive your stipend.
  • A link will be sent to your school email address with directions. Contact 360.650.3886 for assistance.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a student teacher from Western Washington University.

You may request a student by contacting Please be sure to include your school, grade, and/or subject taught.