Internship Materials - Elementary Education

This page includes student teaching resources for Elementary Education teacher education candidates, cooperating teachers (CTs), and University Intern Coordinators (UICs). Contact us at if you have any questions.

Calendars for Fall 2023

Upcoming quarters

Evaluation Forms and Schedule

  • Elementary Evaluation
    • Quarters 1 and 2 Internship (part-time) final evaluation only
    • Quarter 3 Internship (full-time) midterm and final evaluation required


The State of Washington requires all student teachers to complete a Professional Growth Plan (PGP). This is a state certification requirement and needs to be completed at the end of your Quarter 3 full-time internship. The plan reflects your goal(s) for your first year of contracted teaching.

1. Complete a self-assessment to identify areas for growth

You self-assess as part of your evaluation process by scoring yourself, providing evidence and developing goals. The self-assessment from your Quarter 3 final evaluation should be used to inform your PGP. 

2. Complete your PGP

Using the Professional Growth Plan Template, you will expand on your goal(s) by connecting to Pre-service teaching standards (InTASC) and identifying outcomes, activities and evidence.

To support the development of your PGP, the following is an example of a strong PGP from a student in your program as well as the scoring rubric that will help you understand the expectations of writing a PGP that meets standard.

Additionally, here are examples of two PGPs that do not meet expectations. Both have annotations to explain the scores and corresponding rubrics.

3. Send your completed and signed PGP to your Field Supervisor for review and approval

Remember, this is a certification requirement and failure to submit a completed plan will delay your certification.


Please contact OFE if you have any questions at (360) 650-3310, or

Video permissions forms must be used* if you record your teaching either live or online where students are seen.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the recording remains secure and is destroyed at the end of the internship quarter. 

You are also responsible for assuring every student being recorded has a signed permission form and that you retain these until the end of your internship quarter. You will not submit the forms to OFE, but must be able to produce a form if needed.

*This form should NOT be used within Bellingham Public Schools. They have specific policies that govern recording of students. If you are placed in Bellingham, please discuss with your Cooperating Teacher.

Video Permission Form--ENGLISH

Video Permission Form--RUSSIAN

Video Permission Form--SPANISH

Video Permission Form--TAGALOG