1. Prepare to Student Teach

  • Apply to student teach
  • Ensure background clearance is current
  • Attempt your West E/NES Content Area Test
  • Review internship handbook and materials

2. Confirm Placement

  • Receive placement information from OFE
  • Meet with supervisors: Cooperating Teacher (CT) and University Internship Coordinator (UIC)/Field Supervisor (FS)

3. Teach

  • Observe and co-teach with CT
  • Improve techniques
  • Complete 3+ weeks of full-time independent teaching in last quarter

4. Submit Final Documents

  • Complete midterm, final, self-assessment and PGP
  • Ensure UIC/FS receives all documents by specified deadlines

5. Complete WCE Program

  • Wrap up internship
  • Get certified
  • Graduate!