Internship Information - Education for Inclusive Environments

Internship Sequence

Undergraduate candidates

Undergraduate candidates from the Teacher Education Outreach Programs (TEOP) Education for Inclusive Environments Program in Everett and Bremerton complete a full-time student teaching internship that includes both Special Education and Elementary Education placements during the final fall quarter of the program.

The fall quarter internship is longer than the WWU calendar; it starts whenever the school year begins (late August/early September) and continues through the WWU term. Candidates will follow the work schedule of a full-time teacher, logging a minimum of 450 hours.

Undergraduate candidates: Submit the Placement Information Form no later than Feb.15, which is approximately six months before the start date of the internship. 

Post-bac candidates

Post-bac candidates complete a full-time internship during the final quarter of their program at the same site that they have completed their part-time practicum training, unless they are adding the Special Education endorsement. See calendars on the Internship Materials page for details.

Post-bac candidates who desire to add the Special Education endorsement would complete another full-time internship after the Elementary Education internship is completed. To apply for the Special Education internship:

  • Complete a Placement Information Form for the spring Special Education placement.
  • Submit this form by the due date. Save the file using the same application naming convention but add SPED after the term.

Grade Level and Location Requests

When you apply, you will indicate your preferred grade ranges and districts. We will do our best to place you according to your preferences, however, these requests are not guaranteed.

Most placements are local--in Skagit, Snohomish or King Counties. If you wish to complete your internship outside of these areas, you may make a request by completing the "Out of Area Request" section of the application.

International placements are also an option in some programs. Please contact your program to inquire if you are interested in an international internship.

What's Next?

After submitting your internship application, you can plan ahead for this exciting time in your program by reviewing the following information: