Resources for University Intern Coordinators

University Intern Coordinators (UICs) are experienced educators who supervise teacher candidates during internships. UICs represent WWU and collaborate with school personnel in the evaluation, support, and mentoring of each candidate. See the job description to learn more about the UIC role.


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Bilingual Teaching Fellows 

Early Childhood Education -- Bellingham and Bremerton sites

Education for Inclusive Environments -- Everett and Bremerton sites, also includes Everett and Bremerton Post Bac Elementary students)

Elementary Education -- Bellingham 

Secondary Education -- Bellingham and Everett MIT

Special Education -- Bellingham, includes Special Education + Elementary Education Dual Endorsed candidates

Other helpful information

Your travel for meetings with, and observations of, your intern are paid at the current IRS rate.

OFE is only able to reimburse for travel for these requirements unless special permission has been granted by the OFE Director.

  1. You must record your mileage monthly using this spreadsheet: Mileage Tracker 
  2. Refer to Directions for completing the spreadsheet for more information.
  3. Email your monthly mileage form to 
  4. We will enter your mileage and reimbursement information into our travel system.
  5. You will receive an email with a link allowing you to approve the reimbursement request by clicking "submit" at the bottom of the screen. You MUST submit the reimbursement request in order to receive payment.

Most materials are program specific. Please use the menu located on the left to navigate to your interns' program and navigate to the Internship Materials page.

Universal Forms

Communication Examples

Evaluation Narrative Examples

Sending Files to OFE

The UIC/FS will send midterm and final documents to using OFE Evaluation File Naming Convention rules.