Internship Information - Special Education

Internship Sequence

Full-time Internship Requirement

  • Special Education & Elementary Education Program (dual cert) - Candidates complete one part-time internship followed by a full time internship. OFE organizes the sequence of a special education/general education setting based on the intern's career goals.
  • Early Childhood Special Education & Early Childhood Education Program - Candidates complete one quarter-long internship at the preschool (not infants) to primary level.
  • Special Education only & Special Education Plus Content Endorsement Programs - Candidates complete one part-time internship followed by a full time internship in two different Special Education settings or levels.

Internship Dates

  • Fall (full-time): Starts when teachers report back to work after the summer break; ends the Friday of WWU's fall finals week.
  • Winter (full-time): Starts when teachers report back to work in January; ends the Friday before WWU’s winter final’s week.
  • Spring (full-time): Starts the Monday of WWU’s Spring Break (candidate may not take the WWU Spring Break); ends the Friday before WWU's spring final's week.

Note: Interns should be prepared to attend after the scheduled end date to make up for absences or remediation.

Grade Level and Location Choices

When you apply, you will indicate your preferred grade ranges and location. We will do our best to place you according to your preferences, however these requests are not guaranteed. 

Placements are made in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. If you wish to complete your full time internship outside of one of these areas, you will complete the "Out of Area Request" section of the Internship Application.

International placements are also an option in some programs. Please contact the OFE Director at least 6 months in advance if you are interested in an international internship.

What's Next?

After submitting your internship application, you can plan ahead for this exciting time in your program by reviewing the following information: