Internship Materials - Special Education

This page includes student teaching resources for Special Education teacher education candidates, cooperating teachers (CTs), and University Intern Coordinators (UICs). Contact us at if you have any questions.

SPED Full-time Internship

SPED Elementary Full-time Internship (SPEL)


The State of Washington requires all student teachers to complete a Professional Growth Plan. This is a state certification requirement and needs to be completed at the end of your first full-time internship. The plan reflects your goal(s) for your first year of contracted teaching.

1. Complete a SPED / Evidence Grid or a SPEL / Evidence Grid. This form identifies career level benchmarks for the 13 criteria housed within 3 standards: Effective Teaching, Professional Development, and Teaching as a Profession. The self-assessment should guide you in the process of selecting 1-3 goals.

2. Use the Professional Growth Plan Template to expand on your goal(s). Include activities, rationale, possible resources, and a timeline with deadlines. Since you will be completing this plan prior to starting your contracted professional career, you may need to keep the possible resources and timeline general enough to align to an anticipated hire date.  Sample PGPs (to view, download file): 

3. Review, print, and give a copy to your UIC. (Both you and your UIC will sign the form). Remember, this is a certification requirement and failure to submit a completed plan will delay your certification.

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